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Sharing directly, online and

Your personalized mailbox for instant sharing, whether you're online or offline.

Fasetto enables you to send information in seconds — perfect for sharing those spur-of-the-moment videos, or a new album of pictures with your friends and family.

Fasetto makes sharing your text, photo and video files an easy one stop process. Users can directly share files cross-platform online by having the recipient scan a QR code on the sender's device.

Sharing while

Share anything with anyone without an Internet connection or data plan.

We often want to quickly share a file with a friend or colleague, but are restricted by Internet speeds or an inconsistent device signal.

Instead of wasting data uploading to an alternative location and asking your recipient to download it again, Fasetto allows secure sharing to happen directly from device to device, no matter the file size, without using an Internet or data connection.


Privately send or receive any file instantly without using your data plan — this is texting, but not as you know it.

Messaging with Fasetto allows gigabyte-sized files to be sent in seconds, without using gigabytes of data to upload and download. It's the only cloud storage program with chat capabilities.

So whether you're sharing a video with your best friend or a presentation with your team, you can simply send it via, device to any device, no matter the platform.

Sharing securely

Fasetto offers users the option of sharing only within the program — so there is zero reliance on a third party link to share your files. Stop telling everyone where you keep your files, and make security a priority!

At the end of the day, with Fasetto, you maintain control of your content, with the ability to edit and delete your own content from all of the devices on which the content was accessed, including the recipients.


For mobile and tablet

For desktop

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Seriously safe and secure

We encrypt, and protect all information and data you store through Fasetto with the highest security available today. Best of all, Fasetto is completely track and log free, so you can always communicate in total privacy.

Sharing is shielded

Fasetto uses the industry's leading 2048-bit SSL certificates to safeguard all of your personal information. Every upload of share you make is protected by using end-to-end packet encryption, meaning all of your storage and files have a unique key set that only you have access to.

Encryptions are not stored on your devices, or on the Fasetto platform, and we combine them with password protection on all of your files.

It's on us

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